to the Virtual Forces Cups (=VFC) site.

The goal is to present well organized eSports tourneys, that are fun to play and have an old school attitude.

It all started with the Come Together Cup at the United Forum. It was a tournament requested by the community and we made it happen. The feedback was positive and more tournaments were requested.

So here we are.

To make sure we get enough participants, we use existing communities like those of the almighty United Forum or the outstanding site. We advertise our tournaments there and eventually also organize them there.

We also ask such cool internet programs like RTS Cups TV to broadcast our cups, so the eSports hungry crowd can see them.

On this site however you will find information about the next tournaments and the past tournaments. There is also an exclusive Hall of Fame for those who make it to the places 1-3 at our competitions.

On top of that there is a forum where you can give us feedback. As if that wasn't enough you might also find the top replays and especially the replays of every final at our forums.

So, are you ready for the Hall of Fame?